Standard events help you understand how people are interacting with your website, optimize for conversions and build audiences. Here are best practices for using standard events:

  • Copy the code snippet exactly as it appears. Standard event codes are case sensitive. For example, the standard event code for page views is fbq('track', 'ViewContent');. If you accidentally add fbq('track', 'viewcontent'); to one of your web pages instead, you'll see an event called viewcontent show up in your ads reporting as a custom event rather than a standard event. Learn more about standard and custom events.

  • Set the value and currency for the purchase standard event. This will help better reflect your conversion. Learn how to set the value and currency of your Facebook pixel standard events.

  • Add a full funnel of events. For example, view content, add to cart and purchase. This will allow your pixel to receive all relevant purchase actions. For example, if you sell toys on your website, you would place the corresponding standard event code on your add to cart page and purchase page.

Note: The page view event is included as part of your pixel base code. Page view tells you when someone lands on a web page with the pixel base code installed. This is different than a view content standard event, which is not included as part of your pixel base code.

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