Custom conversions let you optimize your ads for custom events and All URL Traffic events, which can't be optimized on their own. To optimize for them, you can create a custom conversion and choose a standard event category that’s similar to the action you want to optimize. Then we can show your ads to people most likely to perform that action. Learn more about best practices for custom conversion setup.

Note: All URL Traffic is determined using page view events, which are part of your Facebook pixel base code.

Before you begin, set up a Facebook pixel on your website.

Use custom conversions to optimize for URL traffic and custom events

To use custom conversions to optimize for All URL Traffic or custom events:

  1. Go to Events Manager.

  2. Click Custom Conversions in the top-left menu.

  3. Click Create Custom Conversion.

  4. Enter a name for your custom conversion.

  5. Optional: Add a description.

  6. Select your data source.

  7. Select a Custom Event or All URL Traffic as your Conversion Event. Learn more about custom conversion best practices.

  8. If you selected All URL Traffic or a custom event as your Conversion Event, select the standard event category that best describes the conversion event you’re optimizing under Choose a Standard Event for Optimization. Learn more about custom conversion best practices.

  9. Set up a rule using Event Parameters or a URL.Note: You can't set up event parameter rules if you select All URL Traffic as your Conversion Event. You can set up event parameter rules for standard and custom events.Set up a URL rule.Select URL from the first dropdown under Rules.Select contains, doesn't contain or equals from the second dropdown to filter your events for more specific actions.If you select URL contains or doesn’t contain, add the portion of your URL that represents your custom conversion.If you select URL equals, copy and paste the exact URL that represents your custom conversion. Make sure to use the full domain, including https://www.Set up an event parameter rule.

  10. Optional: Click + if you’d like to add more rules.

  11. Optional: Click to check the box next to Enter a conversion value, then enter your value. Only use this field if the events in your custom conversion don't already have a conversion value. Use whole numbers and don't include any additional characters.

  12. Click Create.

Now you can use your custom conversion to optimize on All URL Traffic and custom events.

You can also use custom conversions to set up standard events without the need for additional code and to filter events.

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