Recently, Facebook has been cracking down on the content that they allow to be advertised. This is resulting in many ads getting disapproved for having information, images or videos that are not appropriate for the platform anymore.

While this can seem like a big deal at first, there is no need to panic! There are plenty of steps that are taken to get the ad approved and back up and running quickly so you do not lose any valuable time or money.

Patient Stream users have the additional advantage of multiple team members who are dedicated to creating and editing campaign templates to keep everything in Facebook's good grace. If an ad is disapproved the Patient Stream team is notified and the wheels start spinning to discover the cause and get everything up and going again.

Why do Patient Stream ads sometimes get disapproved by Facebook? The first thing you have to realize is Facebook's ad review process is heavily automated. This is to keep the integrity of their platform, which can be a great thing! But it also means that sometimes an ad will get disapproved and then later approved by a human doing a double check on the ad. In order to keep your campaigns going we automatically load in a new ad into your campaign while we wait for Facebook to review the disapproved ad.

Another reason your ad could have been disapproved is an update to Facebook policies that make an ad that was compliant now out of compliance. Unfortunately Facebook does not let us know exactly when they may make policy changes, and so we are unable to prepare in advance for our users. However we have a process in place that should a template suddenly fall out of compliance it will be taken off the platform until the updated template is loaded in. Those who are currently running the campaign will experience a series of "disapproved ads" emails from Facebook. Do not panic, this is normal. Once the updated template is loaded into the system, we will automatically update your campaign with the new ads and remove the out of compliance ads keeping your account healthy with Facebook.

So what can you do to help the Patient Stream team?

#1 - Don't email or message the support staff: If you get an email from Facebook please do not email or message the support staff - we already know.

#2 - Don't panic, other ads will start running: If Facebook disapproves one or more of your ads, your campaign will not stop running. We automatically replace the out-of-compliance ads with some other ad in order to keep you compliant and running on time.

#3 - You can request Facebook to do a manual review of the ads:

If you are confident that the ads are compliant with Facebook's guidelines but have been disapproved then please request a manual review of your ads by contacting Facebook at If you do not feel confident in doing so, leave it alone - our support staff will request the review if needed.

#4 - Be patient: Our campaign team works hard to keep our A.I. system humming and your campaigns producing results. Sometimes Facebook throws a wrench into our system and it will require additional work to fix. If your campaign has not seen any updates in a few days (72 hours) you can reach out to support to get an update.

Patient Stream has years' worth of experience working with different scenarios so do not worry if something does go wrong - we have got your back!

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