Make sure your Facebook page has accepted Facebook's Lead Gen Terms of Service by visiting this page:

How to Launch An Ad:

Step 1: Check to see if you have the follow up message for the ad

  • Go to: Marketing>Campaigns and check to see if your follow up message is there. If it's not, request the message in the chat.

Step 2: Launch the ad

  • Go to "Manage Ads". Click on the rocket ship (New Campaign) and select your niche, then your offer and click "Choose this template"

  • Select: Campaign type: Lead Form. Your Ad Account (unless not listed). Your Facebook page (unless not listed). Set your daily budget. Add in your clinic's website for people to go to after they have launched an ad to check you out.

Step 3: Map your form

  • Wait 5 minutes, then refresh your, screen. Go to settings>Facebook Form Fields Mapping

  • Find your new form and click the "Map Fields" button. Make sure the fields match and then click "save".

Step 4: Put the form in the corresponding trigger, active the trigger and hit "save"

  • Go to triggers and open the niche and/or optin folder that corresponds with your offer.

  • Find your optin trigger for your ad. Ex: $18 Chiropractic new Patient Special With Adjustment Optin and select "Edit"

  • In step 1 "What should trigger this rule" - Below "Facebook" and "Facebook Lead Form Submit" select "Add Filter". Then Select "In Form" then select your lead gen form that was created.

  • At the top right, select "draft" and changed to "activate" and then click "Save"

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