Not a big fan or email, or need an extra bit of communication when a new lead comes in? Learn how to send an SMS to you or to your staff when new lead is generated!

For those of you who like to read instructions, here you go!

- Go To Triggers

- Click edit on the optin trigger for the ad your running

- On the "2 What actions should we perform?" section, scroll to the bottom, select "add action".

- Choose Action

- Send SMS

- In "To", put the cell phone number that you want to text

- In the Message, type in:

You have a new lead! Click where it says custom value, and select contact full name, then contact email, then contact phone. It will look like this: {{}}, {{}}, {{}}

The custom values will automatically fill in with your lead's information.

- At the top, select "save"

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