After you add your Facebook pixel base code to your website, you can use the Event Setup Tool to set up standard events and parameters without the need to code. Only standard events are available now, and not custom events.

Before you begin

Note: Facebook does not currently allow businesses in the following regulated verticals to use the Event Setup Tool: investment banking and brokerage, insurance, financial services, retail, credit union and commercial banking, credit, financing, mortgages, pharmaceutical and health. Businesses in these verticals can set up events manually instead.

To use the Event Setup Tool:

  1. Sign into your Ads Manager account.
  2. Go to Events Manager.
  3. Select the pixel you'd like to use.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Select Open Event Setup Tool under Event Setup.
  6. Enter your URL and click Open Website. The Event Setup Tool will launch in your website browser.
  7. Click Review by each suggested event then select Confirm or Dismiss.
  8. To add events that don't show up in your suggested list, navigate your website as usual to find the buttons or webpages you want. Select Track New Button or Track a URL and follow the onscreen instructions.
  9. When you set up a purchase or initiate checkout event, you'll have the option to set up value and currency parameters.
  10. Set up value and currency parameters for an initiate checkout event.
  11. Set up value and currency parameters for a purchase event.
  12. Click Finish Setup in the Event Setup Tool when you're done.

To view your events, go to Events Manager, select your pixel and view your event graph and table. To test that your events are firing correctly, select the Test Events tab and follow the instructions. Learn how to use the Test Events tool.

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