1 - Facebook Integrations - Change Page Integrations

Go to Settings -- Integrations -- Change Page and select the FB Page you want on the account. Here's a quick walkthrough:

Don't see your FB page? Super easy fix! Here's how:

2 - Facebook Ads Launch - Be sure you're choosing the correct page and ad account when Launching ads. Here's how to set the defaults:

3 - Custom Values - Update your name and your staff's name in the custom values.

Go To Settings -- Custom Values -- Click the edit pencil on "Dr's Name and Clinic" and "Support Staff Name". Remove your old account name and replace it with the one you want. Watch here for guidance:

4 - Update Google Integration IF YOUR GMB PAGE IS CONNECTED ALREADY - This step is not necessary if your google account isn't connected to your Patient Stream integrations. Here's a quick walkthrough:

5 - Clinic Company Name and Contact Details - Update or Change Your Company Name/address/email/phone/etc.

Go to settings -- company -- and edit the needed details. Don't forget to save any changes! Here's a quick walkthrough video:

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