Make sure your Facebook page has accepted Facebook's Lead Gen Terms of Service by visiting this page:

How to Launch An Ad:

Step 1: Launch the ad

  • Go to "Manage Ads". Click on the rocket ship (New Campaign) and select your niche, then your offer and click "Choose this template"

  • Select the folder you're interested in, find your pre-approved offer. Once found click "choose this template"

  • Leave the campaign type as "lead form". Set your budget (we recommend a minimum of $40/day), enter your clinic's website information, set your radius, choose your clinic's page you'd like to post the ad to, and your ad account you'd like to charge.

  • Select "launch Campaign"

Step 2: Map your form

  • Wait about 5 minutes for your offer to be created and sent to Facebook. Once your offer has finished being created and says it's active, Then, go to settings > Integrations > Select Facebook Form Fields Mapping at the top.

  • Find your new form and click the "Map Fields" button. Make sure the fields match and then click "save".

Step 3: Put the form in the corresponding trigger, active the trigger and hit "save"

  • Leave the settings by selecting the "Go Back" button on the top left of your menu options. Select "Automation". At the top select "Triggers".

  • Find your folder and optin trigger for your corresponding offer. Ex: If you've launched the Sciatica Back Pain Decompression offer, go to the back pain folders, and find the name of the exact offer. Click "edit".

  • In step 1 "What should trigger this rule" - Below "Facebook" and "Facebook Lead Form Submit" select "Add Filter". Then Select "In Form" then select your lead gen form that was created.

  • At the top right, select "draft" and changed to "activate" and then click "Save"

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